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Wedding Magician Lincoln

Step into the enchanting realm where dreams and reality blend, conjuring unforgettable moments guided by the leading Wedding Magician Lincoln. With each flourish of the hand and every mesmerizing trick, Johns's commitment is to shape your special day into an enchanting odyssey that lingers in your hearts and those of your guests. Embark on a captivating journey through the extraordinary, where every chapter is penned in the language of magic. Each smile becomes a testament to the captivating power woven by the expert Wedding Magician in Lincoln.


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Elevate Your Wedding With Lincoln's Finest Magician

Elevate your wedding day to unprecedented levels of enchantment with the exquisite artistry of Lincoln's foremost magician. Our unwavering commitment to crafting a genuinely exceptional experience is only rivalled by the sense of wonder John infuses into each performance. As a highly coveted magician in Lincoln, John specializes in seamlessly weaving through the intricate fabric of your event, leaving behind a wake of mesmerized guests. With every mind-boggling illusion and astonishing trick, John ensures that your wedding day evolves into a canvas for extraordinary memories, masterfully painted by the strokes of his expertise as one of Lincoln's premier Wedding Magicians


"You fooled Us"

Penn & Teller

"That was fantastic!"

Alyson Hannigan

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Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle (AIMC) with Silver Star

The Afternoon Wedding Package in Lincoln


Magical Entertainment Between Your Ceremony and Meal
(Approx. 2 Hours)

This package is carefully structured to align with the timeframe between your ceremony and meal, typically lasting around 2 hours.

It's designed to begin as you and your guests arrive at the venue from the church or directly after your ceremony if at the same venue.

During this transitional period, John, a skilled magician in Lincoln, will engage and mingle with your guests. This serves a dual purpose:

  1. Entertainment for Your Guests: While photography sessions unfold, John's captivating presence ensures your guests remain entertained.

  2. Helping Photography Sessions: Keeping everyone in one area helps your photographer carry out timely photo sessions, capturing all the essential moments.

Moreover, as your photographer may guide you for the bride and groom-only shots, John will continue to captivate your guests in your absence.

Before the commencement of the wedding breakfast, John will take a moment aside to astound you both, the bride and groom, with a specially crafted trick centred around the theme of fate.

As the guests settle into their seats and the spotlight turns to you, John will perform a final penultimate trick, creating a memorable climax to this experience.


This grand finale can be tailored to your preference, involving either the best man or, with prior arrangement, engaging everyone present simultaneously. Your magical journey is about to unfold in the most captivating way possible!


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The Evening Wedding Package in Lincoln

A Peak Time Slot - When Daytime and Evening Guests Come Together

Undoubtedly the busiest segment of your wedding, this time slot merges both your daytime and evening guests for a fusion of celebration.

The magical journey with John commences typically at 7:30pm, launching into his walk-around magic, tableside wonders, mind-reading mastery, and even intriguing hypnosis sessions.


The festivities continue until either 9:30pm, 10pm, or 10:30pm, determined by the scale of your guest list.

For an extra touch of magic, just before your inaugural dance, John can engage the best man in a trick performed in front of the entire gathering. This provides your guests the perfect moment to ready their cameras and capture your first dance.

As the evening draws to a close, John, a magician in Lincoln, will join you for an exclusive session. Away from the guests, he will weave his most compelling feat: a bespoke fate trick designed solely for you, the happy couple. This remarkable act, which stands as the pinnacle of John's evening, is exclusively reserved for you two, though other guests are more than welcome to join in for this captivating spectacle upon your request.


Make your event even more magical!

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