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Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life, John can add a little extra magic to your day, taking the pressure off you while ensuring your guests are fully entertained. With years of experience performing at weddings throughout the UK it is easy to see why John is the choice of so many couples for their special day.

Two different time slots are available either the afternoon package (around the photos) or the evening package during the evening reception - see details of both packages below).

The Afternoon Package.

(Between the ceremony and meal during the time the photos are being taken - approximately 2 hours).


This package is designed to run either when you and your guests arrive from at your venue from the church or from when you come out of your ceremony if it is at the venue itself.


John will mingle with your guests ensuring they are entertained while the photos are being taken, this has several benefits for you:


1. Stops your guests being bored when not being photographed.

2. Keeps them in one place (this helps the photographer get all your photos in time).

3. Your photographer will probably take you to one side to do some artistic shots, again John will entertain your guests while you are not there.


Just before the venue sit you and your guests down for the wedding breakfast John will take you to one side and perform a trick that is specially created for you, the bride and groom, all based on fate.


Once the guests are seated and you are introduced into the room John will perform one last trick in front of everyone.

This can be with either the best man or if arranged in advance with everyone at the same time!


The Evening Package.

(Around the evening reception).

This is the busiest time slot as its when you have everyone from the daytime plus the evening guests.


John normally starts at 7:30pm and performs his award winning walk round and table magic, mind reading and hypnosis until 9:30pm, 10pm or 10:30pm (depending on how many guests you have).


He can perform a trick with the best man in front of everyone just before the first dance, giving your guests the chance to get their cameras ready to capture your first dance.


At the end of the evening John will sit down with yourselves and  perform his special fate trick just for you privately. This is the strongest trick John performs and is only ever performed for you the happy couple  (although others are welcome to watch if you wish).

For several reviews from weddings click on the Facebook logo to read what past clients say about John's performances.

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