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Option 3: The Enigma Experience


This is best described as an escape room, without the room,

all the boxes and props are brought and set up in your very

own home or venue.


The enigma experience is an interactive game created by John Morton, a magician in Beverley, using his skills as a prop builder and storyteller for between 5 and 10 people. You have to solve all the puzzles and discover if the character in the story (Sydney St Claire)

did ever find the lost city of gold!


The Story:

In 1920 explorer Sydney St.Claire left his new

fiancée Marianne in England to embark on an

expedition to discover the lost city of gold known

as Eldorado.  


During his time away he sent several boxes and

letters back to his beloved


Marianne in the form of puzzles and mysteries to be solved.


You are invited to examine these boxes, solve the

puzzles and discover whether Sydney ever

reached the lost city of gold.

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Party Magician Beverley

Irrespective of the event, the addition of close-up magic can elevate any gathering, making it an unforgettable experience. From intimate house parties to expansive venues, I bring a tailored performance that perfectly fits the ambience.

With "Party Magician Beverley," you have four dynamic options to choose from:

mystery room

Option 2: The Room of Mystery


If you want to throw a party with a difference,  why not book the Room of Mystery experience for your party.


This is one of your rooms that isn't part of the party - set up to take approximately 5 - 10 people (depending on how many people are at your party) and a small performance area.


Guests are invited to enter the Mystery Room in small groups having no idea what's inside, this creates a buzz of excitement around the party about what might be in the room.


Once inside your guests get an intimate performance of close up magic and

mind reading effects for around ten to fifteen minutes (like a mini magic

cabaret show), this enables me to perfom tricks that I wouldn't be able to

while performing strolling magic.


At the end of the performance the guests are sworn to secrecy

and are told to "make up" what was inside the room when

asked by the guests who have not been in yet.


A unique way to make your party memorable.

option 1

Option 1: Strolling Magic


If you would like a more relaxed style of performance I can just mix and mingle with your guests performing close up strolling magic.

senses on website

Option 4: The Senses Show - Coming Soon.


While we all live individual lives, the way we experience them, is the same! ........


though our 5 senses!


From the moment we are born the way we discover the world around us is though touch, taste, sight, sound and smell.


But what if we remove one of those senses? We’ve all heard that if you lose one of your senses the others improve to compensate.


But how far can we take it?


In this show John will demonstrate what

we are capable of if one of our senses

are removed with experiments based

on the 5 senses plus the most mysterious

sense of all the 6th sense.

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For more information or to enquire about booking.


Please contact John Morton Party Magician in Beverley on:


Telephone: 07894820310


Or email:


Please try to include:

Your name, telephone number,

email, event date

and type of event.


Thank you.

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