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Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, filled with love family and friends. So when looking for entertainment for your day its important to book someone who has worked in the wedding entertainment industry for several years and know what they are doing.

John has been a professional wedding magician for over 12 years performing his own unique brand of magic and mind reading effects while mingling with your guests. He is also a hypnotist should any of your guests wish to try a truly unique experience.


A question often asked is when to have a magician perform?


The best times are either the day time champagne reception (around the photos) or the evening party, this helps the day run smoothly, keeps everyone entertained and takes the pressure off the happy couple, letting them relax knowing that their guests are being well looked after.



The Afternoon package -  around the photos (approximately 2 hours).


This package is designed to run either when you and your guests arrive from the church following the ceremony or from when you come out of your ceremony if it at the venue.


John will mingle with your guests ensuring they are entertained while the photos are being taken, this does three things:


1. Stops your guests being bored when not being photographed.

2. Keeps them in one place (this helps the photographer get all your photos in time).

3. Gives you piece of mind that your guests are being looked after while your photographer takes you to one side to do some artistic shots.


About one hour forty five minutes after your ceremony John will take you to one side and perform a trick that’s so special only the bride and groom ever get to experience it, all based on fate.


At roughly the two hour mark the guests will now be seated for the meal and you will be introduced

into the room.


At this point  John will perform one last funny trick in front of everyone with the best man as

the star.


The Evening time (2, 2.5 or 3 Hours packages are available).

This is the busiest time slots as its when you have everyone from the daytime plus the evening guests.


John normally starts at 7:30pm and performs his award winning walk round and table magic, mind reading and hypnosis until 9:30pm, 10pm or 10:30pm (depending on package).


He can perform a trick with the best man in front of everyone just before the first dance, giving your guests the chance to get their cameras ready to capture your first dance.


At the end of the evening John will sit down with yourselves and  perform his special fate trick just for you privately. This is the strongest trick John performs and is only ever performed for

the happy couple  (although others are welcome to watch if you wish).



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Make your event even more magical!

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